Howdy friends and neighbours!

( PUBLISHED Apr 23, 2023 )

Yay!! I'm getting back up on stage where I belong...I would LOVE to see you at one of our 4 shows in Ontario!

Jenny Whiteley’s Juno award winning album Hopetown is turning 20! Come out and help us celebrate this milestone with a night of great music and old friends. The band will feature her long-time collaborators Joey Wright, Amy Millan, Erik Allen, Sam Allison and Mike Eckert. Jenny and her band will be dazzling audiences with all the crown jewels from Hopetown and gems from her other 5 albums.

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PUBLISHED Oct 12, 2019

Coming in November!

2019 Old School Songwriting Camp

Check out oldschoolbluegrasscamp.wordpress.com

PUBLISHED July 16, 2019

This December, Jenny joins family and friends for A Whiteley Family Special on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 2:00pm at Hugh's Room Live.

Join Jenny along with Ken Whiteley, Chris Whiteley, and son Ben Whiteley plus Diana Braithwaite & Joey Wright for an afternoon of "Bluesy, Folky, & Bluegrassy" musical goodness.

Tickets at: www.hughsroomlive.com

PUBLISHED Nov 10 2018

Jenny is nominated

for a Canadian Folk Music Award for traditional album of the year! Check out https://folkawards.ca for a list of the all of the nominees!

PUBLISHED Nov 07 2017

Jenny is showcasing at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville this coming week.

PUBLISHED Sept 11 2017

The Original Jenny Whiteley has received rave reviews and a nomination from the 2017 JUNO AWARDS!
Check out http://www.cbcmusic.ca/ for a list of the all of this years Juno nominees!

Review of The Original Jenny Whiteley says:

‘Whiteley's voice is clear as a bell, and she sings with a tasteful simplicity that rarely shows off her great range (though we get an idea on "Oxford Town," where she effortlessly hits the highest highs and the lowest lows)...’

PUBLISHED Sept 28 2016 - Review by Kristin Cavoukian / Exclaim!

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Review of The Original Jenny Whiteley says:

‘A recognition of her rich and diverse Americana/Canadiana upbringing within the venerable Whiteley clan, this fifth recording is a rootsy masterpiece...The Original Jenny Whiteley is beautiful.’

PUBLISHED Sept 21 2016 - Review by Donald Teplyske/Fervor Coulee

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Review of The Original Jenny Whiteley says:

‘down-home charm...big, rich sound. She mixes a throaty vibrato with gentle high notes...’

PUBLISHED Sept 18 2016 - Review from Elmore Magazine

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Review of The Original Jenny Whiteley says:

‘ethereal...spirited...uplifting..a collection that is rich, diverse and simply a delight.’

PUBLISHED Sept 18 2016 - Review by Tara Joan, The Daily Country

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Review of The Original Jenny Whiteley says:

‘Jenny Whiteley has a simple, but powerful old-school southern style, though in Whiteley’s case, it is southern Canada... effortlessly moves as many listeners with her warm vocals, a harmonica, and a guitar than any eight-piece band could. Whitely does not even need instruments in order to make an impact— with some of the most gracefully-imparted harmonies ever heard by these worn ears, she cuts to the soul like a hot knife through butter with her angelic voice...If you crave poignant lyrics, masterfully-played string band instrumentation, and old-fashioned charm, The Original Jenny Whiteley should be the new addition to your music collection.’

PUBLISHED Sept 18 2016 - Review by Mother Church Pew

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Review of The Original Jenny Whiteley says:

‘Canadian singer Jenny Whiteley lives and breathes old school country and folk. ..an uncanny intimacy...her most confident sounding album to date...She comes full circle in the final track, when her dad and uncle join her singing the traditional Things Are Coming My Way. With an album like The Original Jenny Whiteley, that shouldn't be a problem.’

PUBLISHED Sept 18 2016 - Review by Hans Werksman, Here Comes The Flood (Netherlands)

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Exclusive Video Premiere

PUBLISHED Sept 07 2016

Check out this Exclusive Video Premiere of "Morning Blues" on www.elmoremagazine.com:
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Album Premiere on www.thedailycountry.com

PUBLISHED Aug 30 2016

You can stream tracks from The Original Jenny Whiteley on www.thedailycountry.com:
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Song Premiere On Folk Radio UK

PUBLISHED Aug 28 2016

Song premiere on Folk Radio UK for track 1, "$100" by Chris Coole on Jenny's new record:
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New Record Release Set for September 16

PUBLISHED Aug 28 2016

Two-time Juno award-winning Canadian Americana singer-songwriter Jenny Whiteley is back with a gem of a new record The Original Jenny Whiteley, which releases on September 16, 2016 and distributed worldwide by Black Hen Music.
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New Bluegrass Camp Launching This Summer

PUBLISHED April 30 2015

The Old School Bluegrass Camp is being held at a beautiful converted public school in Prince Edward County, Ontario, from July 5th to the 10th. There are limited spots available offering campers an incredible ratio of teachers to students, with no more than ten students on any given instrument.
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